Soon to Find A Travel Buddy & Go on An Adventure with Your Travelmate? Here Are Some Tips for You.

find a travel buddyAre you planning a trip? Do you want someone to share the journey with you? Have you expected a luxurious trip across the world with someone to cover the whole expenses? one of the most appealing things about having a generous travel buddy is that he will take you to amazing locations across the world and paid all your expenses. The most interesting about traveling the other countries is that you can meet a local travel girl with different culture and religion, that must be exciting and full of adventurous.

Where to find a travel buddy?

To start an impressive journey, the first thing is to find a travel buddy who may be an attractive beautiful lady in your area and she will come with you to a destination that you both desire. One of the best ways of finding a travel buddy is a travel dating site -MissTravel. The site was founded by the same founder of Seeking- the largest sugar daddy dating sites in the world. Miss Travel claims that they are successfully created 201,379 trips and accumulated more than 680,540 travel companions since it was established. Miss travel, the similar to sugar daddy dating sites, bring together people who have the same interests where generous men could find a beautiful travel girl accompany with him, this travel companionship is definitely mutually beneficial.

travel dating sites

Besides,,,,, etc. Those online travel dating sites are providing travel services for young and ambitious women and wanderlust generous men. Choose your destination you want to visit and write your plan and invite the type of person you want to travel with or describe what are you tending to do with your TravelMate. Then someone with the same interests could find you or you can search travel partner with your criteria.

You should take care of your safety first

Let’s focus on the most crucial parts: the safety of traveling to a new place with someone you’ve never met. If you decide to travel with your potential Travelmate, you had better know him pretty well even you get to know each other online. Before your journey, you had better tell at least one person from your circle of friends where you are going and who will go with you and when you come back. ‘Find my friend’ and ‘Latitude’ are two great apps to check out, you can set up this with your friends so that they can check your location if you are traveling some big cities like NYC, LA, Chicago or some other places.

Chose the verified person

If you are using Miss Travel to find a potential travel partner, the verified member must be your first choice. Miss Travel provides an optional stamp of verification to members who pay for a background check so that they seem more reliable. If you are traveling with a totally strange person, then you have to make sure who he really is before depart, you can talk with him through Skype calls or video chat. Check out their Linkedin Profile or Facebook page and tell your friends about your journey.

Choose the safety secure cities

It’s probably not a good idea to go abroad especially some exotic destinations with a stranger. Instead, stick to some big cities in your own country or more friendly countries such as France, England, Australia, Canada and so on. Your destination must focus on countries with a security guarantee, we do not suggest counties like India, Middle East. You can try the more exotic destinations until you are more familiar with your travel buddy.

Collect more information

Usually, your travel companion must have paid the hotel and all expenses during your journey. Find out where the hotel is and check out reviews of the hotel online, where you are probably collecting more general information about the area which could make you feel at ease and more comfortable.

Make guides upfront

You travel partner may not plan any activities in this area, if you want to have a great experience on your journey then you had better make guides on that place. What do you want to do and how do you spend your time, what will happen on your journey? The nitty-gritty details seem more annoying but these are the matter you have to settle and agreed upon before you made decisions together. If your travel companion is a generous gentleman, then you may lucky enjoy exquisite restaurants, watch theatre shows and appreciate music shows or something else.

Bring your own security essentials

You can’t rely on your travelmate to bring you all the essentials that you need in terms of protection. If your travel buddy confirmed to cover all expenses on this trip, he might ask for having sex with you and if that’s the case, you need to make sure you are being safe. So you should bring condoms, lube or other contraception things. If your travel buddy does not want to use protection when having sex, you had better refuse and get yourself out of that situation immediately.

Plan B options

Things don’t always go as you planned! You should always have a plan B in case something happens with your travel partner and things go south. It’s really a smart idea to take enough money which will ensure you get home safely in any situation. Although this is a relationship that you could benefit from it financially, it must be a great idea to have your own money on hand especially you can’t get along well with your travel companion.



As a young attractive woman, you must be lucky to find a generous man who is willing to travel with you and cover all your expenses. Once you find a great travel buddy, traveling together can be amazing. However, you have to be aware of your surroundings and make sure you are being safe in any situation. The tips on this article aim to enhance your safety as well as how to find a reliable travel buddy online. Wish those tips will do more help for you and make your trip more memorable.

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