How to Gracefully “Talk Money” with A Sugar Daddy? Five Tips Are Offered to Get A Man to Invest for You

sugar baby allowanceFirst date gifts are the best way to break the ice at the beginning of creating a sugar relationship. For couples, if you present a gift for your lover on the special day such as incoming Valentine’s Day, she would be very happy. If not, your life would be getting into trouble in the near future. I believe that romantic sugar daddies must have already picked up the best gifts to their sugar baby. Romantic Sugar Baby Dating Now.

As a matter of fact, gift-giving is actually an investment that should be a framework that is built from the very beginning of a relationship. As time goes by, the framework is gradually blurred. As for sugar daddy dating, this framework is quite crucial, cause sugar arrangement means a mutually beneficial relationship. No girls don’t like presents, especially the gift given by the one you loved. When it comes to sugar baby allowance, most sugar babies may feel awkward. As a sugar baby, maybe we can try other ways to guide the sugar daddy “additional investment”, willing to spend money on you.

Wrong concept of investment

“investment” is an economic concept and behavior, which “Investment” in relationships actually comes from evolutionary psychology, called “Parenting Investment”. In other words, The parental invest in the resources of a mate and offspring in order to increase their success in courtship and their chance of producing successful offspring. However, due to the difference between innate and social roles, men and women usually make difference in investments. Men tend to give money and materials, while women invest in love and youth, do does the sugar daddy world. The essential difference between investment and mere giving is that it is an exchange.

Take sugar daddy for example, who swap resources, paying bills, offering allowance, spoiling with lavish things to form a partnership. Thus, for men who just want to have sex, the investment is naturally short term, there is no doubt that there is quite a number of sugar daddies expecting from a sugar relationship. If you are trying to establish a more long-term relationship or get married to a rich man, therefore, the investment level is also an important indicator to judge the real purpose of another side.

How to attract rich men to invest on you

Improve your self-worth

Every sugar baby should know that only value can attract investment. So, before expecting to attract investment from others, the first step is to invest yourself and increase your value as much as you can. It could be divided into explicit value and intrinsic value.

Explicit value: the value that is visible to the naked eye and can be directly observed, such as body shape, appearance, skin, education, occupation and so on. This kind of value has the upper limit promotion.

Intrinsic value: values that can only be felt after a certain amount of time and contact, including personality, characteristics, emotional control, talents, life interests and so on. Although the intrinsic value is not easy to be perceived but can improve the huge space, and we should try to focus on it. If you have spare time, pay some attention to improve skills such as Musical Instruments, painting, arts and flower arrangements, all those skills could help you one day when you dating an elite man.

Put forward reasonable expectation according to the man’s financial situation

Your demand should be reasonable, the better be linked with the economic level of your sugar daddy if he is just a $6,000 worker, but you ask him to buy LV, CHANEL for you, is it reasonable? The man who earns 10 thousand spends 3000 for you, with the one who makes 100 thousand but spends 3000 for you, the gold behind is not the same. So judge your position in a man’s heart, the investment of money is a standard.

No pay no gain

There is no such thing as a free lunch, and you need to give a man something to taste before you can reap his investment. For example, pay the bill appropriately after a meal, or invite him to watch a movie and a cup of coffee in return to make the man feel that you’re involved in this relationship. You can also make an effort in daily life, such as buying underwear, lighters, belts, wallets and other gifts that are not very expensive but quite thoughtful. Over time, a rich man wil,l feel that you’re fully integrated into his life, and he will invest more for you in return.

Man’s psychology

Most sugar daddies have very typical strong psychology, who tend to show his power. As a sugar daddy, he is regarded to be a powerful man who can save the beautiful girl from plight, so he is more willing to spoil ladies with what they want to show his financial confidence. Sugar babies can grasp this psychology of men and adapt to it. For example, if you’re wanting a luxury brand bag, why not save it as your screensaver. Take out your phone sometimes and look at it wistfully. When your partner notices this behavior and asks whether you want it or not, you can respond.

Give feedback after your received gifts

Imagine what your partner would say if you received a gift but without any positive feedback. If you appreciate the gift and give him a hug, he would happy too. Next time, he would choose such kind of gift to give you a surprise. Say something to express your thanks like this “wow, honey, you’re so nice! You have no idea how much my friends envy me for having you. Thank you very much. Or you can prepare some surprise for him too. Like a sex message, a new position for sex, or a meal you cooked for him. You know that your feedback can directly determine the strength of his investment. By this way, making your sugar daddy feel that his investment is worth it so that further stimulate his desire for strength.

Successful rich men usually have a perverted desire for a sense of achievement, so grasp this and you get the key.

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