Is it possible to find sugar daddies on Kik?

kik sugar daddyIt’s common that sugar daddies ask for moving to a different chat app such as Kik, Snapchat, etc. They tend to promise to satisfy all things that you required before moving to the convo to Kik. Some people believe that is obviously fake as they plan to get your bank details or steal your identity information. While others think that they just want some live video or maybe to get lots of photos through this network.

SD / SB Kik Groups

There are plenty of different kinds of groups for sugar babies and sugar daddies, and you can network or chat with other sugar daddies in Kik by joining the group. Some of them are private groups which only for female sugar babies, and you can join one of them or create your own group.

Pros: You’re possible to find more like-minded people here to link with the sugaring experience. Also, there are lots of senior sugar babies who will share their sugar baby stories or some safety dating tips. If you are in a pretty good group, they would be keeping underage girls or guys out, and you would be happy talking about luxurious sugar lifestyle, such as the restaurant they dinning, lavish gifts, jewelry, gem they received, exotic places they’ve gone. Usually, successful sugar babies are willing to share some useful tips for newbie sugar babies on how to identify fake sugar daddy.

Cons: some groups are inactive in general or tend to throw up lots of advertisements for sexy/nude photos, some even promote prostitution or escorts or some illegal activities. As a matter of fact, there are few genuine sugar daddies who are looking for sugar babies and pamper them with things they desired. As there is no one to verify their identity or get their income verified, most of them are trying to find someone to chat him up about sexy time or getting naughty via Skype.

Here are some real stories about Kik sugar daddy.

Sugar baby meets a guy on Kik pretending to be a sugar daddy and he promised everything that sugar babies required. He convinced her that she was going to get a $5,000 monthly allowance, along with gifts, rents, travel, and so on. Then she reciprocated with photos, phone number, Facebook, etc. In the end, he didn’t send the money he promised because he is totally a scam. This is not to embarrass anyone but to be a lesson - don’t believe anything until the money is in your hand, especially when someone promise you with a big allowance.

It’s a new trend that lots of girls are asking to move the conversation over to Kik after 3 to 4 messages, especially those that use Sugar Daddy Online to find new potential arrangements. I noticed some people even left their Kik or Snapchat username on their profile description. In general, most people will accept this way because it can respond timely. When you message a potential sugar baby in a sugar dating website, it may take several hours or days to get a response.

However, the Kik conversation usually end the same way, sugar babies would be eager to meet and then arrange a date, but they request money upfront. We suggest that you’d better not to proceed as they will never show if they received the money.

Ottawa is the smallest on this list when it comes to population center but that doesn’t mean that it is a bad place to find a sugar daddy. The University of Ottawa has one of the largest numbers of sugar babies of any college in the country. Because of the number of sugar babies that attend the U of O, more and more sugar daddies are coming to Ottawa to find sugar babies.

Sugar daddy websites & Kik sugar daddy - which way is better?

Sugar daddy website is usually well-designed for sugar daddy dating things, where like-minded sugar daddies and sugar babies bring jointly for mutually beneficial sugaring experience. So you don’t have to join sorts of Kik sugar daddy/baby group to find potential ones. Compared with Kik sugar daddy, sugar dating website seems to be the most effective way.

These scams use Kik or other networks because they have registered several numbers of profiles but do not use a legit mobile number to message from. They avoid using sugar dating website because they are easily detected by the dating system, blocked and banned immediately. Sugar daddy online, one of the best sugar daddy websites, has a perfect great chat feature and strictly anti-scam system to block potential scammer, fakes immediately. Members are required to provide ID to get their profile verified, sugar daddies get their income certified, if there is anyone sending opponent or abusive messages, members can report them and block them by themselves. Sugar dating website is safer than Kik and other networks.

If you make a connection with someone and they invite you to chat on Kik or other networks, you’d better think twice, it would be good to end your conversation here to avoid potential scammers. In addition, you can possibly make an anonymity profile to protect your privacy, especially for those successful sugar daddies and college sugar babies who don’t want others to know who they are.

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