How About Finding An Online Sugar Daddy Or Online-only Sugar Baby?

online only sugar babyYou may wonder is it possible to get a rich and generous sugar daddy online? Think about sitting in front of your computer and connecting with an online sugar daddy, and he will offer you sugar baby allowance or offer you others you want, you don’t need to meet by face to face which means you don’t have to take a risk of meeting strangers.

If you are rich and successful sugar daddy that one with little commitments but one in which you can also pamper your partner? You are the one that decide your terms of relationships, which means you can decide to connect with your sugar baby online or requires a meet in real world. Since the concept of sugar lifestyle is bringing, it is highly welcomed by most successful men and attractive women to establish a mutually beneficial relationships. There is no commitments, no string-attached relations, only like-minded people gathering for happy arrangements.

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is it possible to be an online only sugar baby?

The answer is “Yes”. Although there is a rare opportunity to become an online only sugar baby, it is possible to be an online sugar baby in modern society. I will talk about the pros & cons of being an online sugar baby.


Being an online only sugar baby, you don’t have to meet your sugar daddy in real life, don’t need to take a risk of meeting strangers. You will get your allowance just by communicating with your online sugar daddy via some websites, chatting App, Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp and so on. By communicating online, you don’t need to have sex with your sugar daddy, meanwhile you still can make money. Some sugar daddies are looking for webcam relationship cause they recently do not want serious relationship, but they just want to escape the traditional commitments and keep it secret. It’s not easy to find an online sugar daddy who is just interested in online-only sugar baby, which needs patience and keep searching.


Being an online sugar baby means that you are usually chatting on Skype or other video chat platform -live but naked.

Sometimes you maybe asked to perform some sexual acts or watching your sugar daddy masturbating even to masturbate yourself to him.

Sometimes you are required to take sexual photos and share with him or allow you sugar daddy to capture your online video or photo, the most dangerous things is that he may sell your naked photo or video to some pornographic website. So being a online only sugar baby you had better protect your privacy (do not let him take photos or video).

online sugar baby

Whether it is possible to find an online sugar daddy?

To be frankly, it is mostly impossible to find an online sugar daddy to give you allowance without giving sugar, however, there are some sugar daddies who prefer to engage the entire relationship online only.

Possible Reasons:

  • Personality features. The sugar daddy is very shy or awkward, he prefers talking online instead of meeting face to face.
  • Married sugar daddies. He is not interested in having sex with you, but he want to escape from traditional commitments and want someone to communicate with him
  • Long distance. He is from foreign countries or different cities and he cannot go out on dates within short distance from his home.
  • No time for meeting. Sugar daddy is extremely busy on their business, and he would like to offer financial support but not have time in their schedule for a meeting.

How to be an online sugar baby? What should online sugar baby do?

Online communication is the limited tool for online sugar babies dating online. What should sugar babies do to get an online sugar daddy without giving sugar.

  • Upload impressive photos. First, you need to upload the most impressive photos to your profile so that you are probably catching potential sugar daddies’ attention. No matter you want online sugar daddy or not, ten more impressive photos is the best way to describe your appearance and body type.
  • Chat politely. Most sugar daddies are known as elite singles, most of them are well-educated and enrich in knowledge, culture and so on. They usually perform as a gentle men and also hope meet a polite girl, this is a very important factor when chatting with an online sugar daddy!
  • Talk common topics. Try to talk about topics that you both are interested in, which is the most important part to be a friend of your sugar daddy. Only if you have common interests with your sugar daddy, he will prefer to talking with you.
  • Send your pictures. If you have contacted with each other for a long time, you can share your pictures in real life with your sugar daddy. It will narrow down the distance between you and him.
  • Having a video call. Through having a video call, you can check whether the person behind is sugar daddy or whether he is a robot.

Sugar baby niche has gone through a lot in recent years, initially finding pure love or serious relationship is not possible. That’s why most sugar daddies who have either wife or girlfriend are looking for pleasure. To some extent, online interactions can create more intimacy than meeting face to face. He prefers talk with strangers online for a few hours to have fun and lose pressure.

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